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NanoLandIreland is the first and only central resource for nanotechnology products and services in Ireland. Through this one portal, you can now utilise all emerging technological services.
The field of study is in its infancy and science has yet to discover its numerous applications for the future.
"Nanotechnology is enabling technology that will change the nature of almost every human-made object in the next century" - National Science & Technology Council (2000)
Nanotechnology is changing how we manage our environment, offering replacements to aggressive cleaning chemicals, new solutions for infection control, seed enhancements, asset protection, public health and food hygiene. By manipulating molecules to create novel structures, devices and systems with outstanding properties, products are becoming lighter, stronger,


healthier, smaller, more durable and safer.
The technology is growing rapidly with already over 400 companies use nano materials in packaging and food production and there is a similar trend in industry sectors.
We are bringing liquid glass nano-layering technology to the Ireland, being the first company to offer the full range of liquid glass products, as well as an ever expanding portfolio of nano devices, consulting and training capabilities from the World’s leading producers and universities. Liquid glass (LG) is one of the most exciting environmentally friendly emerging nanotechnologies within the coating sector. It allows the user to create long term, easy to clean, bacteria free surfaces using an ultra environmentally friendly and low cost technology.
We also have a smart fluid that offers compelling value to society through a range of applications in industry, shipping and automotive sectors – NanoLandR

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