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Since the dawn of time textile innovations have offered humanity warmth, protection, comfort, art and fashion. Today, new smart technologies, protecting the molecular core of all fabric, offers the industry some amazing possibilities.  We have managed the hitherto impossible task, to give manufacturers and consumers  textiles with some amazing properties.

For example your clothes, uniforms, carpets, interior soft furnishings, car interiors, bed linen, factory  air vents, anything made from textiles, (natural or artificial), can now be coated with a nano protective coating offering:

  •  Hydrophobic (water repellency)
  •  Oleophobic (oil repellency)
  •  Anti-Soiling (dirt repellency)
  •  Abrasion protection (robustness)
  •  Seamless breathability
  •  Colour neutral with enhanced die fastness
  •  Antimicrobial protection

And for the manufacturing sector this offers:

  •  Protection against hydrolysis
  •  Acid and alkaline resistance
  •  Spark protection
  •  Abrasion protection
  •  Protection against oxidization
  •  Improved cleanability

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