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The building industry uses metal in abundance.  Metal is pervasive is transport, energy, utilities, military use and provides numerous benefits to humanity.  However metal is prone to attack. We can all relate to rust damage in cars.

Thanks to our innovative engineers, metal can now be inexpensively and invisibly protected. NanoLandGlobal are working to bring the benefits of their liquid glass coatings to the market. So whether you have a fleet of cargo ships fighting salt damage at sea, electricity pylons spitting rust in wet fields, or simply wish to protect that metal bridge or gate against the ravages of time, please contact us.

Our liquid glass coatings offer:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Abrasion protection
  • Acid and alkaline resistance
  • Hydrophobicity
  • Oleophobicity
  • Conductibility (isolation/insulation)
  • Antimicrobial status
  • Alternatives to aggressive paints and chemicals

We are delighted to be able to offer you a world class service in emerging technologies that both delight the consumer, reduce costs for the manufacturer and offer hope for the Environment.

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